Mohali Railway Station, SAS Nagar – All Details Inside

SAS Nagar Mohali Station serves the Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar district in Punjab and is the main train station in the district. It provides service to Mohali, a city in the Indian state of Punjab that is next to Chandigarh. Know all about Mohali Railway Station, SAS Nagar. 

The three-phase construction of the 112-kilometer-long project that connects Chandigarh and Ludhiana was finished in three phases. The first phase of the Sirhind–Nangal railway line, which connects Chandigarh and New Morinda, was completed in September 2006. The second phase of the construction of a third line on the Ambala–Attari railway between Sahnewal and Ludhiana was finished in November 2012, and the third line is now operational. Completed in April 2013, the third phase of the railway line between New Morinda and Ludhiana. 

Mohali Railway Station, SAS Nagar

Mohali Railway Station, SAS Nagar

SAS Nagar Mohali railway station (station code: SASN) is located in Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab, and has a total of 26 trains passing through it. Trains arriving at and departing from SAS Nagar Mohali station show in real-time. It is a little railway station, with only a few long-distance trains making a pit stop here each day.

In the vicinity, the Chandigarh railway station (CDG), which is approximately 9 kilometers distant, serves as the primary train station.

Availability of Trains to SAS Nagar Mohali 

  • 24 express trains serve SAS Nagar Mohali station per day.
  • It is well connected to the rest of the city by several modes of transportation. At the station, there is also parking. Automatic ticket vending machines, ATMs, information kiosks, LCD screens, internet cafes, and TV advertising panels are among the station’s other amenities. 
  • Passengers have access to all basic amenities at the railway station. The Sas Nagar Mohali railway station is the starting point for various trains, the longest of which is the Csmt asr special, which travels 8588 kilometers in 40 hours and 45 minutes. 

Train Timings

mohali railway station - Train Timings

  • Fzr sasn exp spl for the station Sas Nagar Mohali Railway Station is the first train that departs from the station at Destination. At 10:10 a.m., the Chdl-umb pass train departs from the station for Ambala Cantt. Junction. The fastest train from the station to New Delhi railway station is the Jan Shatabdi spl. It travels 328 kilometers in approximately 6 hours and 50 minutes.
  • Travelers can board super-fast, EMUs, and express trains at the station, in addition to Jan Shatabdi spl. There are 43 weekly trains and 36 daily trains, with 10 Mail Express trains, 32 Special trains, 2 Superfast trains, and 4 Janshatabdi trains. The railway station at Sas Nagar, Mohali, serves a huge number of passengers. 
  • Some of the prominent trains that depart from New Delhi Railway Station include the ASR CSMT SPL, PASCHIM EXP SPL, ASR NED EXP SPL, BME FESTIVAL SPL, and AADR-NED SUPERFAST EXPRESS. ASR CSTM SPL connects Sas Nagar Mohali railway station and C Shivaji Maharaj Terminus. It departs Sas Nagar Mohali railway station at 14:08 and arrives at C Shivaji Maharaj Terminusat 00:05 on a regular basis. PASCHIM EXP SPL connects Sas Nagar Mohali Railway Station with Mumbai Bandra Terminus Railway Station on a daily basis. It departs at 11:51 and arrives at Bandra Terminus 15:55.

The closest airports to SAS Nagar Mohali Railway Station 


The following are the airports and railway stations that are the closest to the SAS Nagar Mohali Railway Station. The distance between the two airports is indicated by a bracket.

  • The Chandigarh International Airport is 4.77 kilometers away (2.97 miles).
  • Simla International Airport (55.95 kilometres / 34.77 miles)

In case you’re planning on traveling to Mohali by train, you can find detailed information about the train station, the nearest railway stations and the nearest airport to The SAS Nagar Mohali Railway Station, the distance between the Railway Station and major Indian cities, and, most importantly, a list of trains to SAS Nagar Mohali.

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Q) What is the average number of trains that pass by the SASN?

A) A total of 42 trains run by the SASN each day.

B) The following are some of the significant trains that pass through SASN: (JAMMU TAWI – SAMBALPUR Express, OLD DELHI – HOSHIARPUR Express, etc).

Q) What is the actual station code?

A) The station code is ‘SASN’, which stands for Sas Nagar Mohali Railway Station. Indian Railways operates the world’s largest railway network. It has assigned station code names to all train routes, effectively giving railways a language of their own.

Q) The railway station is located in which zone of the Indian railway’s system?

A) The Indian Railways recognizes a total of 17 railway zones. Located in Mohali, the Sas Nagar Railway Station is part of the Northern Railway Zone.

Q) How many platforms are there at the SASN? 

A) At SASN, there are a total of two well-constructed platforms. You can purchase an IRCTC ticket through the RailYatri app or the RailYatri website. Access the most up-to-date train timetable (offline), trains between stations, and live updates on IRCTC train arrival time and train departure time in one convenient location.

Q) When does the first train arrive?

A) There are numerous trains scheduled throughout the day! When the JAMMU TAWI – SAMBALPUR Express arrives at Sas Nagar Mohali at 01:20 a.m. It is the first train to arrive at the station. For precise information and facts on the Sas Nagar Mohali station trains timetable, download the RailYatri app from the App Store or Google Play.

Q) When is the last train to depart?

A) The OLD DELHI – HOSHIARPUR Express departs the station at 23:54. This is the final train to leave the station.

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