IELTS Coaching Fees – Complete Guide for Beginners

International English Testing System (IELTS) is organized about four times in a month across different cities on the map of India. Cambridge University conducts this international test with the help of the British Council and IDP. This exam tests the English proficiency of student applying for colleges or jobs in primarily English-speaking countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Even today, IELTS stands unruffled in the list of top four English-testing examinations which are conducted across the world. IELTS coaching fees vary according to the area of the class and the competence of the educator.

Needless to say, clearing IELTS is the most decisive and primary requirement for every individual who dreams of transferring or settling in English-speaking countries. As of today, IELTS scores are accepted by countries like the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. The test has different sections that test the reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills of the individual. Different countries conduct the test of the first three sections on the same day through offline or online mode. Apart from that, a personal interview session checks the speaking skills of the candidate. It is imperative to possess the exceptional vocabulary to leave an imprint on the interviewer’s mind.           

How to prepare for IELTS examination?  

How to prepare for IELTS examination?

IELTS preparation is not as easy as it sounds. There are people who couldn’t clear it despite more than four attempts. You need to know more than just the basic grammar, in order to catch up with the growing pace of the native English speakers. Read the tips mentioned below, to know more about how to prepare well for the IELTS examination which you’re about to appear for.

Know your Purpose

Know your Purpose

Before appearing for the examination, you must stand clear of your reason for appearing for the IELTS test. This step is fundamental for choosing the type of your IELTS examination – Academic or General Training. The difficulty level of both the modules of examination is at the same level with subtle variations. The reading and writing sections of the two modules vary from each other. This is because the purpose of appearing for an Academic test is not as same as the latter.

This being said, the examination of candidates appearing for both the modules are organized on the same day. Similar questions that run on the same level of difficulty test the listening and speaking potentials of the candidates.

Understand the structure of the examination

IELTS Coaching Fees - Understand the structure of the examination

The different sections of the IELTS examination test the reading potential, speech, listening skills, and writing capability of the candidates. On the same day, the examination for the reading, writing, and listening skills are conducted in the same stretch. Once you’ve completed these three sections, you have the option of appearing for the speaking test within two weeks since the day you appeared for the other tests. However, this decision lies in the conducting test centre.

In the duration of a quarter to 3 hours, the first three sections of the IELTS test must be completed by the candidates. The student must read and thoroughly understand the rules and regulations of IELTS before appearing for the examination. These rules are available on their official website or on the notice to candidates and declaration section of the application form.      

Appear for Online Sample Tests

Whether its an online sample test or previous year question papers from your local library, practising is important. You will understand the exam pattern with the help of these papers. The familiarity with the examination pattern will reduce your anxiety and stress levels to half and lesser, just because the test would appear similar to your brain and eyes. According to those questions, you will have a better understanding of the type of question asked in the different sections of the IELTS test like reading, writing, listening, and speaking.    

Consider joining a coaching institute after knowing IELTS Coaching Fees

IELTS Coaching Fees - Consider joining a coaching institute after knowing IELTS Coaching Fees

The only way to guarantee a thorough preparation is to study under an experienced tutor. Although this step is optional, you will have an unmistakable edge over your competitor by joining a coaching class. There are multiple IELTS preparation centres pan India, including Mohali and Chandigarh. Take a look at the reasons mentioned in the list below. If you happen to face any of these complications, join a coaching institute to help you with the preparation of IELTS examination.

  • You face difficulty in multitasking i.e. listening and writing in English at the same time.
  • You don’t know the tricks to answer the questions in the reading section, without reading the entire text provided for reference.
  • Your mind is oblivious about formal and informal formats of writing and your vocabulary is too poor to benefit you.
  • You stutter frequently while speaking in English, but that’s not the case when you’re talking in your mother tongue.

Register for the examination

IELTS Coaching Fees - Register for the examination

Select the appropriate centre of examination from the options provided on the online form. Select your slot and pay the online application fees to complete your registration process.

How much is IELTS Coaching Fees?

IELTS Coaching Fees - How much is IELTS Coaching Fees

The students and their parents always have one primary question on their tongue – How much fees for IELTS coaching? IELTS Coaching Fees depends on the experience of the educator and their credibility. Before registering in one particular institute, it is important that you learn everything you need about the place.

Generally, the institutes and individual educators provide IELTS coaching for the duration of one month. However, you can increase the duration depending on your necessity. Many classes offer the advantages of flexible batches to suit the student’s need, while many provide good study material. The range of fees for IELTS coaching starts from as low as INR 9000 and go as high as INR 35000 depending on the institute you choose.  You may also like to know about the Best IELTS Coaching Institutes in Mohali.

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