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Exploring the Vibrant and Timeless Traditional Dress of Punjab



man and women posing

Punjab, the land of five rivers is known for its rich culture and heritage. Apart from their lively dance, music, and cuisines, the traditional dresses of Punjab are also a significant part of its culture. The traditional dress of Punjab is known for its vibrant colors and intricate designs.

From food to festivals Punjab is full of cultural treasures. Punjabis never forget their roots and you can still see them embracing their culture beautifully. Moreover, the traditional dress of Punjab reflects their culture and age-old heritage. You can clearly see the history and love for the art in their culture. In this article, we are going to explore the vibrant and timeless traditional dresses of Punjab in detail.

History of Punjabi Dresses

Punjab has a long and very interesting history so does Punjabi dresses. However, the dress culture of Punjab is highly influenced by several invasions and rulers. The designs and dresses changed during the reign of different dynasties and kingdoms. However, during the Mughal era, the traditional dress of men was Kurta Pajama and they used to wear pagri or turban.

While women during the Mughal era used to wear Anarkali suits and kurtas. They also used to carry a dupatta along with heavy embroidery. The religious dress of Sikhs includes a turban, a dastar, or a kirpan. This became a part of their identity and every sikh started wearing these elements as a part of their identity.

However, over time the dresses have evolved and have beautifully blended with modern fashion and trends. Now let’s talk about the traditional dress of Punjab in detail.

Traditional Dress for Men

Kurta Pajama

When we talk about traditional dress for men the first dress that came to our mind is the kurta pajama. You can still see people in Punjab wearing Kurta pajamas on a regular basis and even on special occasions. These are typically long-sleeved shirt that reaches the knees and is worn with loose-fitting trousers taped at the ankles.

a man in white kurta pajama

In ancient times kurta pajamas are made of breathable cotton fabric. Moreover, if you have ever attended a Punjabi wedding you must have seen most men wearing kurta pyjama. These have blended beautifully with today’s fashion and trends. Kurta pajamas are available in so many different fabrics, designs, and patterns.


Dhoti is another traditional dress worn by Punjabi men. It is a long cloth wrapped around the waist, covering the legs. Unlike Kurta Pajama, Dhoti is made of silk or cotton and is usually white. It is paired with a Kurta and a Pagri or a turban.

a shirtless man posing

the dhoti was worn by men in rural areas of Punjab, particularly by farmers and laborers. It was seen as a practical garment suitable for hot weather and physical labor. The dhoti consists of a long rectangular piece of cloth that is wrapped around the waist and legs, creating a loose and comfortable bottom garment. However, unlike Kurta pyjama dhoti is not worn regularly today in Punjab.


Pagri or Turban is an essential part of Punjabi dress to complete the traditional look. Turban tying is an art that has been passed down from generation to generation, and it holds a lot of significance in Punjabi culture. The turban’s style and color signify the wearer’s social and cultural status, occupation, and religion.

a man in turban

Turbans have a long history in Punjab and have been worn for centuries. They are deeply rooted in Punjabi tradition and have been associated with bravery, valor, and nobility. The turban symbolizes the rich cultural heritage and the warrior spirit of the Punjabi people

In Punjabi culture, wearing a turban is often associated with respect and dignity. It is seen as a mark of honor, especially among the elderly and in formal settings. By wearing a turban, individuals project a sense of self-respect and command respect from others.

Women’s Traditional Dress

Salwar Kameez

The Salwar Kameez is a popular traditional dress worn by Punjabi women. It consists of a long tunic-style shirt and loose pants that taper at the bottom. The Salwar Kameez is often brightly colored, and intricate embroidery adds to its beauty. It is comfortable and easy to wear, making it suitable for daily wear. women wear these on a daily basis and especially on festivals in Punjab.

a women in pink suit

The salwar is the loose-fitting pant that is an integral part of the salwar-kameez. It is designed to be comfortable and easy to wear, especially during the scorching summers of Punjab. The salwar comes in a range of styles, from the simple plain white cotton salwar to the heavily embellished silk salwar.

The kameez is the shirt that is worn with the salwar. It is designed to fit snugly at the waist and flares out at the bottom. The length of the kameez can vary from waist-length to knee-length. The kameez comes in a variety of styles, from the simple cotton kameez to the heavily embellished silk kameez.


The Dupatta is a long scarf worn along with the Salwar Kameez. The Dupatta’s style varies from being draped over both shoulders to being wrapped around the head like a veil. The Dupatta also comes with intricate embroidery, lacework, and embellishments that add a touch of elegance to the overall outfit.


Phulkari is a traditional embroidery that is native to Punjab and has been practiced for generations. The word Phulkari means “flower work” and is done on a piece of fabric using vibrant-colored thread. It is used to make shawls, dupattas, and even suits, adding an exquisite touch to the traditional Punjabi dress. You must have seen women’s wearing this, especially at traditional functions and occasions.

colorful fabric

source: Wikimedia

Phulkari has been a part of Punjabi culture for centuries, and it reflects the rich artistic heritage of the region. It is deeply rooted in the traditions, customs, and values of the Punjabi people. Phulkari is closely associated with women in Punjabi society. Traditionally, it was the women who embroidered phulkari, often showcasing their creativity and skills. It became a symbol of femininity, beauty, and craftsmanship, passed down from one generation to another.

Punjabi Jewellery

a women smiling

source: Wikimedia

Traditional Punjabi dress is incomplete without complementing jewelry. Punjabi women love to adorn themselves with jewelry, with gold being the most preferred metal. Traditional jewelry pieces include Jhumkas, Bangles, Necklaces, and Maang Tikka. These pieces of jewelry are often passed down from generation to generation and hold sentimental value.


The traditional dress of Punjab is a reflection of its culture and way of life. It is colorful, bright, and full of life, representing the zest and vibrancy of the Punjabi people. The traditional dress of Punjab is known for its distinctive styles and patterns, each reflecting a different region of Punjab, from the cotton fields of Malwa to the lush green fields of Majha.

Punjabi dress has come a long way from its ancient roots, with modern twists making it more popular and versatile. The colorful dresses, intricate embroidery, and vibrant designs epitomize the rich culture and heritage of Punjab. Whether it is a wedding, festival, or everyday wear, the traditional dress of Punjab is comfortable, easy to wear, and beautiful.

I am passionate and curious writer. I love exploring this lovely and vibrant city and capturing its essence through words. I am an explorer and a storyteller who loves writing about the hidden gems of our city.

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Dentist in Panchkula: Smile the Brightest With the Healthiest Teeth



Dentists in Panchkula

Every doctor has different specialties, but their goal remains the same. They work to treat their patients well and make them happy. Just like every other profession, a dentist also has so much responsibility.  In Fact, one of the biggest responsibilities. They have to maintain the smiles of their patients. Quiet tough isn’t it? But the dentist in Panchkula knows their job very well. 

Dentist in Panchkula

Tooth problems are always troublesome. Even if we feel a bit of ache in our teeth, it is irritating, and you always think of unrest while the pain keeps increasing. Therefore, it is very important to prioritize dental health too.

Dental problems can also get severe if you avoid them for a long. A simple toothache can be dangerous if it is continuously bothering you. You should always consult a dentist if you feel your dental health is deteriorating. 

If you are starting to worry about your teeth getting yellow or growing plaque or cavities, it is time for you to consult a dentist. The dentist in Panchkula will provide you with the best dental service that your teeth deserve. 

Tooth Care Dental Clinic

Tooth Care Dental Clinic Panchkula

Tooth Care Dental Clinic is a multi-specialty clinic. It has one of the best specialist dentists for all dental procedures. The clinic has two professional dentists who provide the utmost quality dental checkups for the patients. 

Dr. Akhil Gupta and Dr. Sudha Gupta are the two dentists who have excellence in their fields and believe in providing the best dental care in Panhckula. Dr. Akhil is an RCT Specialist and Dr. Sudha is an Implant Specialist.

They provide a comfortable environment and use the utmost standards of dental care for all patients. Tooth Care Dental Clinic is one of the best dental clinics and implant centers in Tricity. The facilities they provide are:

Unique Intra-oral camera- it helps to assess the dental problem precisely.

Digital X-rays- help in decreasing the radiation amount.

The clinic also includes professionals like orthodontists, endodontists, and even Kids’ dentistsThe Services they provide are always of the highest quality. These include:

  • Scaling/Polishing
  • Dental Braces
  • Teeth Reshaping
  • Dental Implant 
  • Regular Checkup
  • RCT
  • Cosmetic/ Aesthetic Dentistry 

All these are the top services, but it provide much more than these.

The clinic is open Monday to Sunday from 8 AM to 10 PM so that you don’t have to wait for your teeth to receive the treatment they deserve.

Location- Sector 10, Opposite Sector 11 Main Showrooms, Panchkula

Read More About: The Best ENT Specialist in Panchkula

Dr. Neelam Shourie’s City Dental Clinic

Dr. Neelam Shourie’s City Dental Clinic

It is another amazing clinic in Panchkula that offers the best dental services to patients. Dr. Neelam Shourie’s City Dental Clinic has solved 500+ patient’s dental issues. Dr. Neelam Shourie has done BDS, and PGDE, and has a specialization in Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry. 

She has 24 years of overall experience as a dentist. Apart from that she is also an Implantologist. Her clinic provides various services:

  • Cosmetic/ Aesthetic Dentistry
  • Artificial Teeth
  • Dental Fillings
  • Crowns and Bridges Fixing 

The clinic provides other services too. The timings are patient-friendly, and they can visit the clinic throughout the week except Monday. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 AM to 7 PM and on Sunday from 10 AM to 4 PM. 

Location- Sector 11, B road, Panchkula

Dr. Garg’s Dental Clinic and Implant Centre

Dr. Garg’s Dental Clinic and Implant Centre

Dr. Garg’s Dental Clinic is one of the best dental clinics in Panchkula. It has more than 15 years of Dental Excellence, run by a professional team of dentists.

She established the clinic in 2008 and with her high skills and dedication, the clinic has grown exponentially. Dr. Garg’s Dental Clinic provides various services:

  • Smile Designing Treatment.
  • RTC
  • Orthodontics Treatment
  • Oral Medicine
  • Treatment of Impacted Teeth
  • Fixed Tooth

Moreover, the clinic maintains a high standard of dentistry through its team of committed professionals. furthermore, the clinic uses modern types of equipment for a comfortable dental experience.

Patients can receive the best treatment in a comfortable environment from Monday to Sunday. For Monday, patients have to make an appointment. On the rest days, it is open from 10 AM to 1:30 pm and 5 pm to 8:30 pm. 

Location- SCO-22, sector 15, above PNB Bank. Panchkula

Dr. Sanjay Kalra’s Multi-Specialty Dental Clinic

Dr. Sanjay Kalra’s Multi Speciality Dental Clinic

Dr. Sanjay Kalra’s Multi-Specialty Dental Clinic is one of the leading implant practices in the Tricity. It has been in the field for more than 33+ years.  The clinic provides global-quality dental care for all your dental problems. Dr. Sanjay Kalra’s Multi Speciality Dental Clinic also provides a dental tour so that you completely understand the treatment procedure. 

It is a good way for the patients to prepare themselves for the treatment. Furthermore, you can easily make an appointment online using the Practo Online System. The clinic has been bringing smiles to the faces of more than 10,000+ customers

This dentist in Panchkula offers various specialized treatments like:

  • Prosthodontist
  • Dental Implants
  • Periodontics
  • Facial Trauma
  • Oral Surgery
  • Paediatric Dental Services 

The clinic is open from Monday to Saturday 10 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to 8 pm. It is closed on Sundays.

Location: SCO 13, Sector 5, Panchkula

Dental Horizon

Girl holding fake teeth

Dental Horizon is one of the best dental clinics. It is passionately committed to providing the best dental care to patients. The clinic also offers individual care plans for an amazing personal dental care experience.

It has a team of highly dedicated and qualified experts who will never let you down with their treatment. Dental Horizon has been operating for over 20+ years. More than 7000 patients have visited the clinic.

 It delivers various services that are needed to achieve the ultimate oral health. Some of the services provided by Dental Horizon are: 

  • Dental implants
  • Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery
  • Oral surgery
  • Smile designing 
  • RCT
  • Fixed orthodontia

Location- house, 348. Sector 17, Panchkula

Panwar Dental Clinic

Panwar Dental Clinic Doctors

Panwar Dental Clinic is a prominent dental clinic. Under the guidance of Dr. Balbir Singh Panwar since 2000, the clinic has successfully established itself as one of the top dentists in Panchkula. 

The clinic provides a world-class dental treatment with various modern facilities available. Some of these are the Carl Zeiss Extaro 300 microscope, Acteon CBCT, Biosonic Cleaner from Coltene, and many more. 

Along with that, Panwar Dental Clinic offers various specialized treatments at a reasonable cost. Some of these services are:

  • Orthodontics
  • Radiology
  • Prosthodontics
  • Oral Surgery 
  • Pedodontics
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • RCT

The clinic is open from Monday to Sunday from 9:30 am to 2 pm and 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm. 

Location-  1348P, Sector 21, in front of Alchemist Hospital, Panchkula

Final Note

All these dental clinics in Panchkula provide the best oral treatment for you. Dental Health is as important as any other so make sure you receive the best dental treatment from the professional dentist in Panchkula.

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The Best ENT Specialist in Panchkula



ENT Specialist in Panchkula

ENT specialists treat any disorders related to the ear, nose, throat, and other parts connected to these. They play a major role in treating problems like loss of hearing, throat infection, and many more. Everybody wants the best treatment for themselves when it comes to any medical issue. Let’s talk about the best ENT specialist in Panchkula that will cure all your ENT problems. 

Best ENT Specialist in Panchkula

Panchkula is one of the fast-developing cities in India. It has everything that one needs to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. It offers beautiful apartments and penthouses, various places worth visiting along with fun activities. 

You can easily avail good medical care from professionals in Panchkula. You don’t have to go outside the city for anything. Moreover, if you have any ENT issues, you can visit some of the best specialists who have excelled in their careers. Let’s talk about some of the best ENT specialists in Panchkula.

Dr. Prachi Jain ENT Clinic 

Dr. Prachi Jain ENT Clinic

The clinic gives some of the best healthcare solutions to all its patients. It is run under the guidance of Dr. Prachi Jain. The clinic is a leading centre for ear, nose, and throat diseases. The patients are treated with premium quality care and technology.

Dr Prachi Jain is a specialist in Parotid and thyroid tumors. The clinic provides various treatments like:

1 Cancer Surgeries 

Treatment of head and neck cancer if it is detected at an early stage. 

2 Ear/Nose Foreign Body Removal 

The experts use an endoscope to remove these foreign bodies from the ear and nose. These mostly happen to kids and should only be removed by the experts.

3 Ear Discharge 

ENT experts will help clean the discharge or ear wax with the best technology.

4 Smell and Taste Disorders

The clinic also treats patients with smell and taste issues. 

5 Deafness 

Patients with hearing problems are treated well by doctors at the clinic.

These are some of the treatments that Dr. Prachi Jain ENT Clinic provides. You can book an appointment for any sort of treatment related to ear, nose, and throat by visiting the website or through a phone call.

Contact Details

Address- House Number 404, Sector 12, Near ISKON Temple, Panchkula.


Mobile Number- 8872363868

You can also visit the clinic for regular health checkups to maintain your family’s health and happiness. 

Dr. Anil Kaul

Dr. Anil Kaul

Dr. Anil Kaul is a senior ENT Specialist practicing his profession in Panchkula. He has over 25 years of experience as a Senior ENT Consultant. Moreover, he is an expert in Micro-ear surgery, Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Nasal allergy, and many more.

His clinic has successfully done various treatments for problems like:

  • Hearing loss
  • Sinusitis 
  • Nasal Allergy
  • Swallowing Disorders
  • Head and Neck Tumour 

Moreover, Dr Anil Kaul uses modern technologies to treat his patients. Some of these technologies are:

  • Video Endoscopy 
  • Speech Therapy Hearing Test
  • Endoscopic Nasal and Sinus Surgery 
  • Sleep Study 
  • Endoscopic DCR
  • Flexible Fibreoptic Laryngoscopy

Visiting Hours

Monday- Friday: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Saturday: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Sunday- OFF

Contact Details

You can either directly visit or book an appointment for a checkup. 

Location- H1, Sector 26, Panchkula Extension


Phone Number- 9967289325

He is one of the most renowned ENT specialists and always looks after his patient’s needs. Visit his clinic for troublesome issues related to ENT and get cured. 

Dr. Kaushal’s ENT Clinic

Dr. Kaushal’s ENT Clinic

Dr. Kaushal’s clinic offers world-class ENT services at an affordable price for all its patients. The team of professionals makes sure that the treatment is a 100% success while providing the utmost comfort to the patient.

The clinic specializes in various fields like ENT care, Head and Neck Cancer, and Cosmetic Surgery. It uses the latest technologies to treat all patients with precision.

Contact Details 

You can directly visit Dr. Kaushal’s ENT Clinic or book an appointment. 

Location- #386, Sector-6, Panchkula

Phone Number- 9814916386

WhatsApp Number- 6239878857


Morning: Monday to Sunday: 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM

Evening: Monday to Saturday: 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

The clinic makes sure that every patient leaves the clinic with satisfaction and a smile on their face. 

Dr. Manvi Saini

Dr. Manvi Saini

Dr Manvi Saini has more than 23 years of experience as an ENT expert. She has worked at various well-known hospitals and now has established herself in Panchkula. 

She provides various services to her patients:

  • Ear Drum Repair 
  • Tongue Tie Release
  • Ear Lobe Correction
  • Throat and Voice Problems 
  • Septoplasty

Most of the patients visit her clinic for Ear Drum Repair, Ear Micro Surgery, and Ear Drum Rupture Treatment. 

Contact Details 

Location- House Number 5, Sector 6, Panchkula 


Monday to Saturday: 05:00 PM to 07:00 PM

Visit her clinic and get the best treatment for all your problems. Enjoy the comfort of a friendly environment. 

Dr. Sharma’s ENT & Dental Clinic

Dr. Sharma’s ENT & Dental Clinic

Dr. Vijay Kumar has an experience of 30 years as an ENT specialist. He has been treating patients with problems related to ear, nose, and throat for a long time. He is a general practitioner and physician. 

Dr. Sharma has successfully diagnosed and treated various illnesses and the patients always appreciate his working environment. Patients mostly visit his clinic for allergy treatments, Hearing deficiency, and Tonsillectomy. If you are looking for the best medical care in Mohali then visit these Best Hospitals and let the professionals treat you.

These are the other various services offered by his clinic:

  • Congenital Ear Problem Treatment 
  • Skin Tag Treatment 
  • Viral Fever Treatment 
  • Hearing Deficiency Assessment
  • Implant Prosthesis 
  • Dental Fillings
  • Scaling/ Polishing

Contact Details

Location- 1059, Sector 12-A, Near Saarthak School, Panchkula


Monday to Saturday: 10:00 AM to 02:00 PM

                                   03:00 PM to 07:00 PM

Dr. Sharma is an experienced and focused doctor who only wants the best for his patients. He has been successful in managing illnesses and continuing to do so.

Dr. Eshaan Kaushik

Dr. Eshaan Kaushik

Dr. Eshaan Kaushik is one of the most trusted ENT specialists in Panchkula. He completed his PGI training and is considered one of the best PGI Chadigarh-trained ENT surgeons. Currently, he is working as an ENT specialist with the Alchemist Hospital in Panchkula. 

He provides a personalized and high-quality diagnosis to every patient and takes great care of providing the best comfort to all his patients. 

These are some of the services provided by Dr. Eshaan:

  • Microscopic ear surgery- ear discharge
  • Skull Base Surgery- tumors of the brain, nose
  • Pediatric ENT disorders- tonsils, adenoids
  • Allergy and immunotherapy 
  • Salivary Gland Surgeries 
  • Head and Neck Cancer Surgeries 

Moreover, he has kept the convenience of his patients in mind by introducing Teleconsultation. It helps the patients to connect with him via their devices in the comfort of their homes.

Contact Details 

  • Phone Number: 9914593999
  • For booking an appointment-
  • Location- Alchemist Hospital, Sector 21, Panchkula


Monday to Saturday: 9:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Sunday: Closed 

Visit Dr. Eshaan Kaushik to make sure you and your family are healthy. Discover the premium quality of health care and treatment with him and his team. 

Final Note

Health is wealth and ENT specialist in Panchkula know the expertise to fulfill any healthcare needs of the patients. All the specialists mentioned above are the best in their fields as well as highly trusted by the patients. Their years of experience as ENT experts can be reflected in their premium treatments. Visit any of these experts, you will never be disappointed by the service. 

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Top Swimming Classes In Mohali For Kids & Adults In 2024



Swimming pool with tubes in the water

Summers, a not-so-loved season of all year, is on its way and the residents of Mohali are surely looking forward to the places where they can spend some time swimming. Finding the right swimming classes in Mohali is easy as there are very limited options available in the city.

This guide will take you through all the classes for swimming available in the city for fun-filled summers for your kids and adults. Let’s dive in!

1. GMADA Sports Complex

Address: 69, Sector Rd, Sector 69, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160062

Open Hours: Monday to Friday – 05:00 AM to 06:00 PM, Saturday & Sunday – 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Located in sector 69, Mohali, the GMADA sports complex is one of the topmost preferences for learning swimming in Mohali. Every age group is welcomed by the facility here.

There is a small swimming pool for kids and a big one for adults. Not only does the complex provide swimming classes in Mohali, but also offers training for badminton.

The fee for swimming here varies as per the age group. Additionally, there are certain discounts that are offered to the student’s age group. All you have to do is submit your valid ID that proves that you are still a student.

If you are interested in Swimming during summer, visit this sports complex by GMADA and enjoy your time here.

A pool with people on tubes.

2. GMADA Swimming Pool

Address: PP47+FVJ, Sector 71, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160071

Open Hours: Visit this place to know the details

Another indoor swimming pool with great indoor and clean water facilities is the swimming pool by GMADA located in sector 71, Mohali. The pool here is 5 meters deep and is filled with clean water. Additionally, they also provide lockers to the members.

The coach here is quite friendly and guides students to learn the basics of swimming. The facility includes a pool, both deep and shallow. In fact, they offer a separate pool area for kids.

Besides swimming, they also provide coaching for other sports including basketball, badminton, and table tennis. Overall, this pool is considered one of the best pools for learning to swim in Mohali.

3. GMADA Sports Complex

Address: Gmada Sports Complex, NH 5, Sector 78, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140308

Open Hours: Monday to Saturday – 05:00 AM to 08:00 PM, Sunday Closed

Another place where you can swim in Mohali is at GMADA’s other Swimming Pool located at sector 78 in Mohali. This place is a hub for multiple sports not just for swimming. In fact, the coaches here are dedicated to their sport and teach the students to excel in their chosen sport.

Enrolling for swimming classes in this sports complex in Mohali offers a lot of benefits to the students. The facility is well-maintained and well-cleaned. The best part is that this place is near the Sohana Gurudwara and easily accessible to the general public.

A swimming pool in a park

4. The Holistic Growth – Rehab Centre and Sports Academy

Address: Shop 663, Vill. Matuar, near Tango Hotel, Sector 70, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160071

Open Hours: Monday to Friday – 09:00 AM to 07:00 PM, Saturday – 09:00 AM to 01:00 PM, Sunday Closed

The Holistic growth swimming classes in Mohali bring forward better learning opportunities for the budding swimmers. The trainer here is exceptional and talented, teaching students to swim confidently.

The best part of every teaching session is that the students must be comfortable with the trainers. And, guess what! You will find that environment here for your kid.

Their strategies for dealing with the different kids make this swimming class unique from others. Here, they are primarily focusing on providing Swimming classes for kids in Mohali.

5. The Mohali Club, Wyndham Chandigarh

Address: Phase 11, Sector 65, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160062

Open Hours: Monday to Sunday – Open 24 Hours

The last on the list is The Mohali Club, located in Phase 11. The only drawback here is that it is open only to club members. There is no formal training provider in the club for swimming lessons.

Those who are interested in enjoying swimming with clean water and better amenities can reach out to this amazing place. This pool is private and is a great option for those who wish to enjoy swimming with better amenities. The place is a great option for those who enjoy luxury.

Ending Note

Swimming classes in Mohali, especially in summer are overcrowded as the locals here enjoy water splashes a lot. From an average sports complex to a luxurious club swimming pool, every type of swimming option is available in the city.

It is upto you what type of ambiance you want while learning swimming. As sharing the borders with Chandigarh, you can also commute to some of the swimming classes in Chandigarh, if you are not liking the coaching in Mohali.

There is a plethora of options for swimming enthusiasts as well as for those who wish to indulge in professional training and pave the way in the sports field. Whether you are an adult or a kid, these classes will guide you through the whole process and help you to enjoy your life. So, get ready and begin your swimming journey today!

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