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Who Lives In Homeland Mohali: Punjabi Celebrities, Business People…



Who Lives In Homeland Mohali

A Great Opportunity to live in a luxurious society, a Homeland is a dream place for all who have the privilege of living luxuriously, but only a few can fulfill that desire. Today, we will talk about Homeland everyone wants to know Who Lives In Homeland Mohali.

According to rumors, in Homeland only Punjabi singers and actors live there, is it true or not, let us know about it. But if you want to know this, then you have to read this article, here we will tell you about Homeland, its infrastructure, who lives, the facilities provided by them, and all.   

About Homeland

CEO of Homeland Mohali : Umang Jindal

If you are a citizen of Punjab and Mohali then, you may know about Homeland. Have you heard rumors that all Punjabi celebrities live in Homeland, well it is not a rumor. So let’s know about Homeland Height. The CEO of  Homeland Group is Umang Jindal.

Homeland promises whether it is a quick business trip or a family trip, they are always constantly exposed to a new culture, quality of living, and lifestyle. Well, what is this? A heart of Mohali, Homeland is the upcoming commercial and business hub of Punjab.

Homeland provides a high-rise apartment fuse with beautiful aspects that provide a quality of lifestyle which gives a luxurious living environment. Well, do you happen to know who is the renowned architect? Hafeez Contractor has given this innovative approach to the construction and design, even though he also gives innovation in CP.67.

In this, there are various units including 3,4,5, and 6 BHK apartments and penthouses, which are intricately designed, with strict attention to quality and facilities. The project Homeland was launched in 2014

Celebs Who Lives In This Luxurious Apartment

Who Lives In Homeland Mohali: Punjabi Celebrities

It is the heart of Mohali. You have already heard that Homeland is only for celebrities, but no! It’s not true, it is for all who can afford it. Yes! If you can pay that much rent or want to buy, then you can also live in Homeland.

As per our research, many Punjabi celebrities, business people, government officials, merchant Navy, singers, and politicians live there in Homeland because of several facilities that they provide to their community who live in Homeland Mohali.

Well, people have the curiosity to know which celebrities live in Mohali, so let’s know about Who Lives In Homeland Mohali :

Jassi Gill
  • 26 November 1988 in Jandali village, Ludhiana, Punjab.
  • Punjabi singer
  • Net worth is $6 million (50 crore INR)
Inder Chahal
  • 12 December 1994 in Sahrur, Punjab. He belongs to a jatt sikh family.
  • Punjabi singer
  • Net worth is $1 million (8 crores INR)
Mankirt Aulakh
  • 2 October 1990 in Behbalpur, Fatehabad, Haryana.
  • Punjabi singer, Music producer, model, and actor
  • Net worth is $6 million (50 crores INR)
Arjan Dhillon
  • 19 December 1995 in Barnala, Punjab, 
  • Punjabi singer and rapper
  • Net worth is $3 million (25 crores INR)
  • 1 July 1995 in Finland and belonged to an Islamic family. 
  • Indian Model
  • Net worth is $2 million (16 crores INR)
Karan Aujla
  • 18 January 1997 in Ghurala, Ludhiana, Punjab.
  • Punjabi singer, songwriter, and rapper
  • Net worth is $13 million (100 crores INR)

Now you are aware of the net worth of the Punjabi singers who own the houses in Homeland. Many more celebrities are living in Homeland Mohali, Do you know? The great Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala lived in Homeland.


  • On the 6th of  June 2022, The Punjab police conducted raids at Homeland Height housing in Mohali and rounded up five people. According to research, the five people were connected with the Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala’s death.
  • Well, on the 9th of June 2022, 100 personnel police of Fatehgarh Sahib on a Thursday morning came to Homeland Society in Mohali and searched 20-25 flats there. The Ropar police are searching for Eden Court on Landran Road, and the Mohali police have been at Jal Vayu Vihar since early morning.
  • Sippy Gill was arrested for an assault other in Homeland Buildwell Height. On 18th October 2023, the Mohali police registered an FIR against Sippy Gill, he is a Punjabi singer who lives in Homeland Bulidwell, and the police have two more for allegedly assaulting a man at Homeland Society on Monday evening.  


Why is this place called the heart of Mohali or a dream place for all who want to live a luxurious life? Well, this project is designed by a successful company.  Let us see all the facilities provided by Homeland Heights:

  • Gymnasium
  • Swimming Pool
  • Kids’ Pool
  • Badminton Court(s)
  • Tennis Court(s)
  • Squash Court
  • Cricket
  • Kids’ Play Areas / Sand Pits
  • Yoga Areas
  • Jogging / Cycle Track
  • Table Tennis
  • Gazebo
  • Power Backup
  • Treated Water Supply
  • Car Washing Bays
  • 24*7 Water Supply
  • Automatic Boom Barriers
  • Lift
  • Party Hall
  • Clubhouse
  • Indoor Games
  • Senior Citizen Area
  • 24 x 7 Security
  • CCTV / Video Surveillance
  • Fire Fighting Systems
  • Intercom Facility
  • Video Phone
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Normal Park / Central Green

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Homeland Infrastructure 


As we mentioned in the above article, it provides 3, 4, and 5 BHK apartments, but you want to know how much it costs, it may differ but approx it will be the same, let us see:

Unit  Type Area Price
3BHK  1788 Sq. Ft 

1982 Sq. Ft

Rs 1.52 Crore

Rs 1.68 Crore

4BHK 2409 Sq. Ft 

3379 Sq. Ft

Rs 2.05 Crore

Rs 2.87 Crore

5BHK 4057 Sq. Ft Rs 3.45 Crore

In more details,

  • In a 3BHK flat, there will be Three bedrooms with an attached washroom and one kitchen room.
  • A 4BHK flat, there will be Four bedrooms with an attached washroom and one kitchen room.
  • In a 5BHK flat, there will be Five bedrooms with an attached washroom and one kitchen room. 

Quick Reviews 

Let’s take a look at the given below information:

CEO Umang Jindal
Address Homeland Buildwell Height, Mohali Sector 70, opposite Sohana Gurudwara
Project Size 276 Units, 19.13 Acres
Prices  Rs. 1.52 Crore to 3.45 Crore
Facilities  Sports, Conveniences, Safety, and Environment
Who lives Punjabi celebrities, business people, government officials, merchant Navy, singers, and politicians


In conclusion,  We hope our Article helps you know who lives in Homeland Mohali. That we have already mentioned all the details about the Homeland and their facilities which they provide.

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How to Find PGs in Mohali?: What is Most Suitable To You



Pgs in Mohali

Finding pgs in Mohali is no longer a big task now. You just need to keep some simple things in mind. See, whenever you are looking for a pg, always keep in mind that you might not see the same thing as you saw in the picture once you reach the actual place. 

Yes, I know it sounds a little bit disappointing, but it is what it is. Nope! I’m not saying that the owner is deceiving you. But when it comes to the picture, a lot of things matter—starting from empty rooms to the perfect lights.

So, when you arrive, you might see that things are similar but not exactly like the picture. Moreover, sometimes the pictures are too old.

Maybe you are getting excited by looking at pictures that were taken two or more years ago. So, the reality will definitely be different. 

How to overcome it? First, you need to ask for recent pictures. Well, it’s a much later stage. At first, you need to decide what kind of a pg you want.

Do you want to share rooms with someone or not? How many people should be living with you, and what accommodations would you need, etc.?

So, let’s look at things that are considered to be necessities and what you, as a newcomer in this city, should look for.

What to Look for in a Pg in Mohali? 

pgs in mohali

Now, what should someone look for in a pg? It does not matter whether you are looking for girls or a boys pg; these things matter to all. 

First of all, you need to decide whether you want to share the room or not. So, if you are new in the city, sharing would be beneficial for you. This way it would be easier for you to know the locality and make friends.

You cannot survive alone. So apart from your colleagues or classmates, you should make yourself some roommates who can help you in the moment of crisis. 

So, while making a list of things that you want, keep your home in mind. I stayed in pg for a long time, and I can tell you what the things that you should never compromise on are.

  1. The washroom should be attached.
  2. The place should be clean.
  3. Owners should be available. 
  4. Facilities like air conditioners, RO, or geysers should be there.

So the above-mentioned things are applicable if you are paying 5,000-6,5000 rupees a month

This is the average price of a pg with good accommodations in Mohali. So, if you are comfortable paying the same, it’s all good. If not, then you might have to compromise on certain things like air conditioner, geyser, etc. 

pg outside view

Furthermore, some pages provide cleaning services, and some don’t. Select one that is convenient for you. 

If you have just started a job, then I would suggest you choose the one with cleaning services as you might not have much time to look after those things.

Moreover, you can also get pgs with food services as well. But in most cases, the food is boring or might not suit your diet, so I prefer self-cooking. 

If you don’t know how to cook, go for a food pg but ask other girls about the food.

Otherwise, you can also go for tiffin services. They are healthy and pocket friendly too.

Ways to Find Pgs in Mohali

pgs in mohali

Finding pgs in Mohali is not a big deal. If you are a working professional, you can easily get a few in the office locality. If you don’t have a vehicle and want to save money, then try finding pgs within a 1-2-kilometer radius.

Search Online

searching pgs in mohali

Google has made a lot of things easier. You just need to search pg near me or pgs in the sector so and so. You would see several websites where owners have listed the properties.

I found my first pg in this way only. I was in Mumbai, and I had nowhere to stay but book a pg from there only. I did the same and came straight to the pg after I landed in Chandigarh. 

It was okay, but there were some problems like RO was not working there. But you need to handle those problems. As you have paid the money, never be afraid to ask what was promised. 

Ask Your Colleagues or Classmates

a girl asking her colleagues about pgs

If you don’t want to stay with strangers, the best option is to stay with your classmates or colleagues. If you and your friend both are coming together to the city, you can easily find a place to stay. 

You already know the person, so it wouldn’t be that much awkward. Moreover, you can ask your local colleagues, they know the area better so they might arrange something good.

Visit the Area

a girl and boy asking for directions

If nothing works out, wear your shoes and start wondering. Trust me; it is one of the best ways to find yourself a good place. Actually visiting the place is the best decision.

All you need to do is select an area you want to visit and just look for the sign TO-LET. Once you see them, knock on the door, and see the place.

Suppose you run into a house, but it’s full; you can ask the landlord to arrange another one. I’m 100% sure that they will help you.

No worries, people are nice here!

Ending Words

So, have you decided what kind of pg you want? See, pgs in Mohali are good, but how good they are depends on your preference. Someone might be okay with a smaller bed, you might not be.

So, make a list of the priorities and make subtle adjustments. Suppose you need something urgently, settle down somewhere and keep an eye on further search.

This way, you would be able to find a place that you wanted from the very beginning. Mohali is a pretty place and well-organized as well. There are a lot of things to do after you finalize your pg.

So, enjoy the process and your independence!

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