Dr. B.R Ambedkar Medical College Mohali – Details, Admission and more

The Dr. B.R. Ambedkar State Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS Mohali) is the Punjab State Government’s fourth medical college and the first to be built under the federally funded “Establishment of new medical schools through upgrading district/referral hospitals” initiative. The Dr. B.R Ambedkar Medical College Mohali is the Punjab State Government’s fourth medical college. The institute’s accrediting institution, the National Medical Commission (NMC), has yet to issue a letter of clearance for the academic year 2021-2022. Know everything about Dr. B.R Ambedkar Medical College Mohali. 

It has a distinguished medical staff in pre-clinical, medical, surgical, and allied specialties to assist them. The establishment of state-of-the-art machinery, equipment, and vital infrastructure is underway to ensure the provision of high-quality medical education and patient care.



Keeping in mind the slogan of our institute, Humanity, Service, and Equality, it will be our ongoing goal to educate compassionate and caring physicians by providing outstanding teaching, patient care, and medical research with a strong emphasis on inclusion as a core component. Furthermore, it is the vision of Dr. B R Ambedkar, after whom the college is named, and whose life epitomizes these high values in every activity, that the blending of these key elements is an extension of.

The institute is devoted to creating an atmosphere conducive to innovation, creativity, and excellence, and to preparing the next generation of physicians to continue on this road in the years to come. The institute is also fully committed to the new competency-based medical education model, and it is developing unique ways to medical education that are irrevocably engaging and compelling to medical students. In order to keep up with our technologically aware students, we want to improve teaching through expanded use of simulations, emerging technology, and resources. Above all, we must listen to the students and figure out what works for them.

Our commitment to this strategic planning process includes mentoring our new batch of students from varied backgrounds and expanding interaction with the community. We also seek to establish a welcoming and affirming atmosphere for all of our students.



The Dr. B.R Ambedkar Medical College Mohali is in Punjab’s fourth government-funded medical school. The Institute announced plans to build a medical college next to the district hospital. Moreover, the college recently applied to the National Medical Commission for permission to admit 100 medical students to the undergraduate program annually. AIMS Mohali is a state-run autonomous society connected with the Baba Farid University of Health Sciences in Faridkot, Punjab.

The Academic Block and the Hostel Block are two interconnected blocks within the Medical College. The Director Principal’s office, administrative offices, the Committee Room, and various departments are all located in the academic block. Lecture halls, Skill Labs, and the Central Library are all available.

Hostel Information

Hostel Information

There is a mess hall, hostel rooms, common rooms, a gymnasium, and a sports complex in the hostel block. All rooms feature a balcony and an attached bathroom. A television and a separate gymnasium for boys and girls are available in the common rooms. Apart from the sports complex, there is a place for an open-air gym also. It also has a child care center and suite rooms for visitors.

A new college building is planned for the Jujhar Nagar area, in addition to the current college and hospital complexes, for which the foundation stone has already been laid.

Concerning the Teaching Hospital

Dr. B.R Ambedkar Medical College Mohali -Concerning the Teaching Hospital

The Teaching Hospital and the Medical College are about a two-minute walk apart. The hospital is divided into two sections: block 1 and block 2. It’s a 330-bed hospital with 15 units dedicated to various specializations.

The hospital had a total of 1 lakh 30 thousand OPD visits in the last six months (700 per day). In the last six months, the major operating theatres have seen a total of 1754 cases. Male and female inpatient admissions are separated in all disciplines.

The AIMS Mohali site is physically handicapped-friendly, offers separate parking spots, a canteen, and is well connected to urban and rural health centers for community medical training undergraduates.


Dr. B.R Ambedkar Medical College Mohali -Objectives

To take into consideration the complaints received from students, as well as to investigate and punish those who violated the rules. The purpose of the workshops is to inform students about ragging. To take the appropriate steps to prevent ragging from occurring again.

Anti-Ragging Committee

Dr. B.R Ambedkar Medical College Mohali - Anti-Ragging Committee

The Anti-Ragging Committee is comprised of:

  • There is no tolerance for ragging at AIMS Mohali or in any of its hostel facilities. Students are reminded to adhere to the Anti-Ragging Act and to help maintain a ragging-free environment on campus.
  • The Anti-Ragging Committee is appointed and headed by the institution’s president in order to ensure compliance with the UGC Regulations on controlling the problem of ragging in higher educational institutions, 2009, which prohibit ragging in higher educational institutions.
  • In the event of a ragging incidence, the committee will ensure that the terms of the Anti-Ragging Regulations are followed. It will also make recommendations for appropriate action.

Summing Up

The institute is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that fosters innovation, creativity, and excellence. It also helps in preparing the next generation of physicians to continue on this road in the years to come. The institute is also fully committed to the new competency-based medical education model. It is developing novel medical education methodologies that are irreversibly engaging and riveting. To stay up with our tech-savvy students, the institute wants to improve education by using more simulations, growing technology, and resources. Furthermore, most importantly, we need to listen to the students and figure out what works for them.

The institute is dedicated to this strategic planning process, mentoring our incoming class of students from a variety of backgrounds. Furthermore, it also helps in enhancing community engagement, with the goal of creating an inclusive and affirming environment.

At AIMS Mohali, we strive to develop doctors who can combine the science of medicine with the art of healing, as well as impart medical leadership responsibility. We have 23 departments with some of the best clinical and research faculty in the country. The AIMS Mohali staff is dedicated to providing the greatest patient care. It also provides the best medical education to future doctors.

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